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Having the right shower door in your bathroom can make the world’s difference in the overall design and feel in the space. There are 2 main types of shower doors, namely ones with frames and ones without frames.

Framed shower doors consist of an aluminium frame with either tempered or textured glass. Aluminium frames are used in the manufacturing of framed showers, as it is resistant to corrosion. Aluminium framed showers cover the top, bottom and sides of the shower panels and doors. They are also fitted with seals, edges and magnets to ensure a watertight fit.

Here at Carlies Traders we offer a range of standard framed showers, but we can also custom manufacture shower doors according to your specifications. Our framed shower options include Pivot Doors, Tri-slider Doors, Pentagonal Pivot Doors and Corner Entry Doors.

Then we also offer Frameless Shower Doors, which are custom manufactured according to customer specifications. Frameless shower doors gives a modern and elegant look and feel to a bathroom. They let in more light, both in the shower, as well as throughout the bathroom, it makes the space feel bigger and features the designs inside the shower more prominently. Frameless shower doors also gives you more design freedom and allows a wider range of styles and shapes.

Frameless shower doors are made from high quality, heavy-duty, polished or tempered glass that can resist scratching and chipping. These shower doors are also fitted with heavy duty hinges and can open inwards or outwards, depending on individual designs.

The biggest benefit of frameless showers, besides the modern, elegant look, is the fact that it’s much easier to keep clean, as there are no grooves where soapy water can gather and result in mould. They also don’t require harsh chemicals to clean with and can be wiped down with a squeegee after use.

At Carlies Traders we specialise in the manufacturing of both framed and frameless shower doors. We make use of only the best methods and materials to ensure high quality products that will leave our clients satisfied.

For more information on our shower doors, contact us today.

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Aluminium Framed / Frameless Shower Doors