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Carlies Traders | Manufacturers of Aluminium Windows

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Aluminium hinged doors are extremely popular and with good reason. They are used in many homes, old and new, office buildings and more. The key to giving a place a new look and feel is in the smaller details, such as replacing old wooden or steel doors with aluminium hinged doors. There are various benefits that aluminium hinged doors have over wooden doors for example. Below is a list of the benefits that aluminium hinged doors have:

At Carlies Traders we specialise in the manufacturing of aluminium hinged doors, amongst other aluminium products. Our aluminium hinged doors are high quality and can be manufactured according to your specifications.

We also do glazing on our glass panels which provides benefits such as good sound insulation, makes the glass harder to break and reduces the amount of sun entering the room, which damages your furniture over time.

Our aluminium hinged doors can open to the inside or to the outside, depending on the space and the needs of every client. They also come in various standard sizes and configurations, such as the single doors, medium sized double doors and the bigger double doors.

So for all your aluminium hinged door needs, contact Carlies Traders.

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